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 Eh eh eh i dah besar lah now. Almost 21years old. Hahah i last updated my bloggie on 2014. Almost 4 years i dah hilangkan diri and keep being silent. Huhu yaaa too much nak cerita satu satu. After finish matriculation now i continue my study dkt universiti sultan zainal abidin , kuala terengganu. I've been offered utk sambung bachelor in accounting. Yes Alhamdulillah sangat bersyukur dengan apa yang dah jalani sampai ke hari ini. Almost 2 years dah dekat sana. I nak masuk semester 5 already on this september.

Again and again i failed in love. Even almost 5 years pertahankan. People come and go. People changed a lot. And i need to accept the fact that i need to move on. Sokay. I know Allah with me. And i know one fine day, Allah dah tetapkan someone who can accept my weakness and also advantages. Let it be and keep going with my life journey.

So now i tengah semester break. And i just spent my time with my family. Thats it. Sementara tunggu naik sem bulan 9 ni i also want to achieve my target to loss weight. Hahahahaha adoiiiii taktaw natang gemok mcm apa dah. Later if dah termakbul semua tu. I'll share my picture before and after kk. Hahaha ni acah . Takpala doa je baik2. InshaAllah. I want to become a better person. Tak kisah le secara mentaly ka emotionally ka ataupun physically. Semoga sama2 jadi lebih baik dan yakin pada diri sendiri. Goodluck gais and wish me luck.

Sampai ketemu lagi di post seterusnya. Bye2 gais.Assalamualaikum 😀😍😘
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Assalamualaikum, hello everyone.Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin.Masa berlalu dgn pantas.Finally I went to Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan, kuala Pilah.Two month already I've known as student of KMNS.I don't know how to explain the story why and how I could be there.Because when I tried to enter my ic number to Rayuan Matrikulasi then they said that You're Failed.Im totally frustrated and could be warm of sad when i know the results . Then I make a decision to go for unikl Msi or Uitm.But suddenly I received an envelope from Bahagian Matrikulasi Kementerian that linked Congratulations!You've been choosed for Account One Year Programme Matriculation. OMG , in that moments, I don't know how to describe my feelings. Im very happy, grateful.As you all know i am science pure student when im in highschool and I don't have any basics for Account and ekonomi subjects.I dont know how I've been choosing for Account Course bcause I just applied for science Course.But it's okay.I will take this challenges and proved that even I don't have any basics and could not be familiar for those subjects before but I will try do my best and get highest marked in all quiz and exam.Moreover, I will gets many advantages if I went to KMNS bcause my mom works there as Physics Lab Assistants.Then the short distance from my home(Seremban) to Kuala Pilah could not be any problems for me or my parent to bring me home.My best friend,Azureen also been there and just now we have been in the same room and known as roomate Nogori. Kikiki.Other people really feel jealous to us .They always said how come both of you who stayed together in Seremban, who have been friends from 10years old and same class till Spm could be in the same room and the same Matrik.hahahaha.It's better bcause we are in different course.If not, I don't how to explain to others why this could happened.kikiki maybe this is advantages for me to be strong there ,become more comfortable and familiar there.Alhamdulillah ;) .On my first day, I'm totally give up.Ya Allah.I just felt stupid there, I don't know what was the lecturer talk about and I don't know to do all the questions in the tutorial books and quiz.One week I feel down..All I know just crying.I told ibu while crying I can't continue this . I don't know everything. I don't how to do Account and ekonomi.I dont have any basics and I am the second intake students.As you all know they have been learn too fast till chapter 3.Im still terkapai2 to recover up chapter that they have done.Not only to recover all of them but I need to do all the homework that lecturer gave.Ya Allah.Im so tired to all of this.I've also been shamed in dewan kuliah by Account lecturer :( .She said why im came here and took account course.She told that account is not easy."U might be struggle and cried everyday because you don't have any basics."..Hmmm on that time im crying again in front of hundreds students.I dont know why Im being too weak there.I can't focus on my study.Besides, im still feel uncomfortable there in the new surrounding. I don't know anyone closed yet.I don't know how to start the conversation to my classmate because im the only one who second intake students.They went to matrik two week earlier from me.So they have know each others before.But me? Hmmmmm.I fell useless.I don't have a time for eat.But all of this changes after the second week.My dad and my mom called me eveyday give me a support.My friend, and fahmi also non stop give me advice and spirit.Alhamdulillah just now I done recovered all of them.I could feel account is not difficult like people's always said.Because my dad always said in life,what ever we want in this life all need PASSION.Bila kita ada keinginan, semua benda boleh dapat.All of this need sacrifice.Semua ini perlukan pengorbanan.I always remember that word which can bring spirit for me in my life.What I did just, read and understand all the topics by chapter.And Im always meet account lecturer to get more information. I also didn't stop prayed for my sucessed here, and may Allah give me a strength for me and get 4Flat in this two semester.As u all know matrik is the fast track which give advantages for student to study only in one or two years and continued their studies to degrees without taking diploma.So, no wonder if all the syllabus could be fast and speedy.But don't afraid . Because in matrik all the surrounding just similar like school.Mostly, all the lecturer will asked to called them 'Cikgu' and they will give all of their knowledge to you to make sure that you'll be able to scored in their subject.So no worries, you might be controlled here as long as you really want to be sucessed.It's normal when the lecturer just act like dont like you or saja2 buat awak tu rasa down gila2 mcm leia kena.But always remember all of their words just want give you all pembakar semangat and u should take this challenges and proved to them that you are really want to study and be able to get 4flat.Just now I've been quite closed  to account lecturer bcause I always meet her to increased my knowledge and understanding in account syllabus.Alhamdulillah for all quiz im done successfully with good marks to all subjects, Akaun,Ekomomi, Pengurusan Perniagaan and Mathematics.Alhamdullilah also because I've been choosed and been target by lecturer as 4Flat students for this ujian pertengahan semester (UPS).I'll be sitting for ups on 12August till 14August.Hope so I can do my best to get 4flat . InshaAllah.hihi, I think i've been typing for longest bored essay here.hehe.Okay, stop talk about life in matrik.How your's raya peeps? I know it might be interesting and you're gonna told that "omg berat aku dah naik.sakit perut hari2".Haha same things goes to me lah.Huish berat mendadak naik.Baru haritu rasa dah keding dah dkt matrik.Balik rumah je jadi mcm ni.Haha.Pity to you Fahmi.I know you want me to be slim.But how come leia jadi like 'ikan dugong'.hahaha.But sokay dear . I'll be make sure that this could not be longer and I'll be slim again.I just want you to be happy with me.Ok dah.Raya this year sgt2 sunyi bcause nenek moyang leia dah takda.Tak rasa raya lagi.Hmmm if nenek still alive , I know she could be the happiest person when it's time to buat lemang, rendang, nasi impit, karaokee ramai2, main mercun together,berkumpul together with all waghih2 nenek.Hmmm sweet moments that I will never ever forget.Al-fatihah utk neknenda tercinta.Raya tahun ni special cause ada my sweeheart,Fahmi Hassan.Ya Allah im too grateful bcause Allah bring you to my life.Sayang, im so happy to have you.Thanks always support and sabar dgn karenah leia.Now both of us busy dgn study but still have time to contact everyday.hee gila kau tak contact tak tentu arah nanti jadinya.And tomorrow 1.8.2014 might be our fourth monthsary had been together and shared our warm of loves together.hmm but now, tengah ada something bad happen antara kami berdua.Forgive me.Bukan niat utk memaksa cuma nak awak tau I miss you so much since we've not meet for 2 month.Ya Allah rindu yg tersgt.But sokay I may understand our situation just now.Just want you to know that Leia sayangkan fahmi..Terima kasih jadi penyeri hidup leia dan kongsi kisah kehidupan kita berdua.Semoga hubungan kita berkekalan sehingga diredhai olehNya.Semoga kita berdua berjaya dlm cita-cita dan impian masing2.Ameen Ya Rabbal Allameen. INSHAALLAH. That's all for today.Continue with other post alright.Enjoy your raya and have nice moment with sanak saudara kalian.Assalamualaikum dan selamat malam :)
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Assalamulaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakhatu.Such a long time imma  keep silent.As you know last year i was busy with school prepared for Spm examination.Overall for my trial result i just got 3A's and for my SPM results i just got 5A's.Alhamdulillah Syukur Ya Rabb.Now its already 2014 and i'm still waiting to continue my studies.i don't know wheter i should go IPTS under mara diploma in engineering technology of automed regulation and control at unikl msi kedah or kptm semporna diploma in TESL or i just waited for rayuan upu.It is totally annoyed things for me to think and made a decision because it is about my further life. :( .And now  I have to start again and again my mission for this year .And of course all people have their own perseption to changed.Changed their life became more better than before.As usual people might choosed to upgrade to changed their image,personality or their own atitude so they will be the new person with new spirit who gonna faced 2014 happily and kindly with new enviroment as diploma students.For me,its enough to become more matured than before as my old starting increase speedly.hehe.The date 12.13.2013 my old grandma (moyang) have passed away.Ya Allah sedih bila teringatkan kembali semua kenangan selama almahrum kamariah bt legoh masih ada bersama kami,Hmm,nenek rest in peace there.Semoga nenek ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang2 beriman.Kami redha dgn kepergian nenek,Syurga Allah menanti nenek disana.Al-Fatihah :( ..Hurmmm...For all my friend who has continue their studies wheter in IPTA ,IPTS,Matrikulasi,Kolej or STPM congrat guys and study smart such a good students ya!.One day we'll be meet again,InshaAllah if Allah will :) .Bloggieee,just now there's a guy who always make my day cheers up.He's Muhammad Fahmi.I love to know him.And i love the way he treated me.Semoga perkenalan kita akan terus berpanjangan dan tiada pengakhiran.Thanks for what you've done for me.for fafayaya,for the suprises.Saya tak akan lupakan all the moments we've been together.It's okay if we gonna be separate in long distance for a while cause i trusted no matter how there's no reason for me to stop thinking ,cared and loving you.I love you Fahmi.There no words to describe how my feelings on you.That's all for today.InshaAllah i'll be more active in my blogger since i've been 18+.kikiki .Assalamualaikum,will be meet again in the next post ya ! :)
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Hello people.Assalamualaikum.Long time not updating something in this site.Hewhew.Im busyyyyyy withhh study?Oh no no no ! Triple noo!hehek.Actually im not super busy this school holiday but there nothing to share and creating.Btww,Finally i'll become a Seventeen Gurlzzz.Aha,yukss.There is one day more that the year 2013 will start its operation by leaving 2012 aside. How Fast Time flies!Boooooooooooo.So i will faced Esshhhpiyemmmm(SPM) this year..Woo,Wtf =.=  .Sometime its sound great!Bcause i'll be free and freedom from activity in school as Student!But sometime its sound fear +.+ Do I ready perfectly?Do I believe myself that I can do it for my future..OH nooo.Im not ready yet.hehe,Until when i'll give this same bad statement ;IM NOT READY YET.huhu,There have been lots of things happened in my life during the year 2012 and i have more bad luck than good luck.Aha.such as bad results,problems with friends and more sucks thing happened!So I think the year 2013 will bring me success,happiness and create beautiful memories as a school students k. Let’s forget what make us upset in 2012 and count what make us happy. However, let’s consider these unhappy and bad things in 2012 as lesson for our life.Cehh ;) 2013 is at the door and im too grateful cause i still alive till today.Just remember life is short.Dont break the rules,Forgive quickly,laugh and enjoy uncontrollably and never regret anything that make us smile.So maybe for this year i will rarely updating in this blog,i will rarely log in my fb,tagged accounts.This year is a struggle! Pray for me,SPM Candidates 2013 sucess with superduper results ya.Juen and ieka i hope our friendship will never ends even this is a last years for us.I hope we will sucess together friends,I love youu.Him him him,yeahh i goodluck too ya.Belajar rajin jgn lupa nasihat saya.hekhok.Ok la ,i think we've stop here.Panjang umur,kita jumpa lagi.Assalamualaikum :)

I wish everyone a happy new year!May all your wishes come true the year ahead. :)

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Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera ;D
So today,tamatlah sekolah bgi sesi 2012.Lega mmg lega.Seronok mmg Seronok.Tapiiiiii 2013 tu tak lama lagi dah.Spmmmm ^.^ Pastuuu nanti rindu juen dgn eika :'(
Apa boleh buatkan lumrah hidup mmg mcmtu.Masa terus berjalan.So,jgn sia-siakan hidup yg sementara ni.Cewahhh ;DDD Holidayyyy?Ahaa.taktahu lagi this year holiday dkat mana dgn family.Tak sabarnyaaa.Hurmm,ok next pasal diaaa.Makin rapat,makin sayang ;D.hahaha itu je mampu ckp utk skrg.hurmmm.Itu je kot nk share hari ni.k papaiiii

Teringat gmbr nitahun 2010 aku dgn juen ;D

Gmbr ni pun 2010.tak pkai lens :D

Gmbr ni pun 2010 tak pkai lens lg ;D
Gmbr 2010 dgn juen

Goodybye school ;)
with eika waktu buka puase 2012

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Sorry for a long time silent.hikhik.Busy with final exam actually.Just now,only two days left to say "Goodbye school,we will meet again in 2013".Ahaaa..So final exam punya result tidak memuaskan dan mengecewakan :'( .Whatever lah kan.malas nk ingat benda dah lepas ;D Jadi esokk hari terakhir leia dgnn kawan dtg skolah as form4.Heee.Happy mmg happy butttttt how times flies?Next year sudah Spm woo.Tapi mcm budak2 je kan.Haha.Yg pasti start 1.12.2012 dah takda mase akuu utk enjoy sangatt.Semangat nii ;D Harap2 lah aku dpt hadap buku ni ek..Jgn la setan ganggu yee;) Err,taktahu dah nk post ape ni.Just tak sabar nk pergi pd next week dgn budak2 kelass.Tak sbarnyaaaaaaaaaaaa ;DDD Ok then,just nak ckp aku syg dia.ILY Rimauuuuu ;D idea just now.Take care.See uuuuu again ;D papai
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       Hello and Assalamualaikum,
Sorry for a silent.Heeeeee.Final exam just left about 6daysss.Aaaa.Lamenya nak tunggu kan final exam pun nak amek masa 3weeks jugak keee?K tension.Moreover,semua soalan terpaksa buat dgn tutup mata.Hihi.Kesian cikgu yang akan marked kertas saya.Mohon maaf,saya tidak sihat,saya lupa! Give up nak study paper yg belum amek lagi.Hmmmmmm,i loveeeeeee him.i loooveeeeeeeeee him so muchhhhhh ! k malas nk tulis panjang2 sbb exam takboleh online.curi2 online.K soorrrryyy,see u again.assalamualaikum
buat muka Sengalll

She's my hot mama.ily ibu

Perempuan melayu terakhir :')

bt muka :D

Dah makin gemuk skrg

Otw rayaaa
Ibu .Hving great day karoke together

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“Ya Allah, saya memohon kepada-Mu, rahmat dari sisi-Mu. Dengan rahmat-Mu Engkau menerangi hatiku. Dengan rahmat-Mu Engkau mengumpulkan dan memudahkan urusanku. Dengan rahmat-Mu Engkau balikkan sesuatu yang tiada dariku. Dengan rahmat-Mu Engkau Angkat kesaksianku. Dengan rahmat-Mu Engkau sucikan amalku. Dengan rahmat-Mu Engkau ilhamkan kedewasaanku. Dengan rahmat-Mu Engkau kembalikan sesuatu yang hilang dariku. Dengan rahmat-Mu Engkau jaga aku dari segala keburukan.”
“Ya Allah, kurniakan kepadaku keimanan dan keyakinan yang tidak ada kekufuran lagi setelahnya. Ya Allah karuniakan kepadaku rahmat, yang dengannya aku memperoleh kemuliaan-Mu, di dunia dan di akhirat. Ya Allah, saya mohon kepada-Mu keberhasilan dan keberuntungan dalam takdir. Predikat orang-orang syahid. Kehidupan yang bahagia. Dan pertolongan dalam menghadapi musuh.”
“Ya Allah, saya sampaikan kepada-Mu segala hajatku. Pendeknya fikiranku. Lemahnya amalku. Saya sangat memerlukan rahmat-Mu. Karena itu, Ya Allah, saya memohon kepada-Mu, Wahai Dzat Yang Mengabulkan segala urusan. Wahai Dzat yang Melapangkan dada. Sebagaimana Engkau mudah mengalirkan (air) di antara lautan. Maka saya mohon agar Engkau menghindarkanku dari siksa menyala-nyala. Menghindarkanku dari do’a yang sia-sia. Dan dari fitnah kubur. Ya Allah, sungguh, sangat pendek fikiranku tentang itu. Urusanku tidak sampai menjangkaunya. Dan niatku tidak sampai melampauinya, dari kebaikan yang telah Engkau janjikan kepada seseorang dari makhluk-Mu. Atau kebaikan yang Engkau berikan kepada seseorang dari hamba-hamba-Mu. Dan karena itu saya rindu kepada-Mu akan itu. Saya memohon kepada-Mu bisa mendapatkannya dengan rahmat-Mu, Ya Rabbal ‘Alamin.”
“Ya Allah, Dzat Yang mempunyai tali yang kuat dan urusan yang baik. Ya Allah, saya memohon kepada-Mu rasa aman di hari persaksian. Syurga di hari kekekalan. Bersama orang-orang dekat lagi syuhada’. Bersama orang-orang yang rukuk lagi sujud. Bersama dengan orang-orang yang memenuhi janji-janjinya. Ya Allah, Sungguh Engkau Maha Cinta dan Kasih-Sayang. Dan Engkau bekerja sesuai dengan apa yang Engkau kehendaki sendiri.”
“Ya Allah, jadikan kami orang-orang yang menjadi sebab orang lain mendapat petunjuk, dan kami sendiri bagian dari orang-orang yang mendapatkan petunjuk. Bukan orang-orang yang sesat lagi menyesatkan. Damai terhadap penolong-penolong-Mu. Perang terhadap musuh-musuh-Mu. Kami cinta dengan cinta-Mu kepada orang yang mencintai-Mu. Kami menentang dengan permusuhan-Mu terhadap orang yang melawan-Mu. Ya Allah, inilah do’a, telah kami panjatkan, karena itu sewajarnya Engkau mengabulkan. Ya Allah, kesungguhan telah kami buktikan, oleh karena itu Engkau pasti melepangkan.”
“Ya Allah, saya hamba-Mu, Ubun-ubunku berada dalam genggaman-Mu. Hukum-Mu berlaku bagiku. Adil putusan-Mu padaku. Saya memohon kepada-Mu dengan menyebut segala nama-Mu. Nama Yang Engkau sendiri menamai-Mu. Atau nama yang telah Engkau turunkan dalam kitab-Mu. Atau nama yang telah Engkau ajarkan kepada salah satu makhluk-Mu. Atau nama yang hanya Engkau yang tahu karena Engkau rahasiakan dalam sisi-Mu. Agar Engkau, Ya Allah, menjadikan Al Qur’an sebagai pelita hatiku. Sebagai cahaya bagi dadaku. Sebagai penawar kegelisahanku. Sebagai penghalau kegundahanku.”
“Ya Allah, sayangi aku untuk meninggalkan maksiat dan dosa, selamanya, selama Engkau menghidupkanku. Ya Allah, sayangi aku, agar Engkau tidak membebani aku di luar kemampuanku. Ya Allah, kurniakan kepadaku penglihatan yang indah terhadap sesuatu yang Engkau redhai dariku. Ya Allah, Pencipta langit dan bumi. Dzat Yang Maha Tinggi lagi Terhormat. Mulia yang tiada duanya. Ya Allah, saya memohon kepada-Mu, Wahai Dzat Yang Maha Kasih. Saya memohon kepada-Mu dengan kemuliaan Engkau dan cahaya Wajah-Mu, agar Engkau meneguhkan hatiku dalam menjaga kitab-Mu, sebagaimana Engkau mengajarkan itu kepada kami. Kurniakan kepadaku kekuatan untuk selalu membacanya sesuai yang Engkau redhai.”
“Ya Allah, Pencipta langit dan bumi. Dzat Yang Maha Tinggi lagi Mulia.Yang memiliki Kehormatan tiada tanding. Ya Allah, saya memohon kepada-Mu, Wahai Dzat Yang Maha Kasih. Saya memohon kepada-Mu dengan kemuliaan-Mu dan cahaya Wajah-Mu, agar Engkau menerangi penglihatanku dengan Kitab-Mu. Agar Engkau melancarkan lisanku dengan kitab-Mu. Agar Engkau lapangkan hatiku dengan Kitab-Mu. Agar Engkau luaskan dadaku dengan Kitab-Mu. Agar Engkau bersihkan badanku dengan Kitab-Mu. Karena tidak ada yang bisa menolongku dalam menjalankan kebaikan selain-Mu. Tiada yang bisa mendatangkan kebaikan kepadaku selain Engkau. Dan tidak ada daya dan upaya kecuali datang dari Engkau, Ya Allah, Dzat yang Maha Tinggi lagi Maha Agung.”

Sungguh Ya  Allah,aku amat merinduimu.Ampunkanlah ya Allah dosa-dosaku.Hindarikan aku daripada perbuatan keji yang dilarang olehMu Ya Allah.Berikanlah aku hidayah.

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Sekiranya kita cinta kepada manusia
Tidak semestinya manusia cinta kepada kita
Tetapi sekiranya kita cinta kepada Allah
Nescaya cinta Allah tiada penghujungnya

Sekiranya kita cinta kepada manusia
Kita akan cemburu kepada orang yang menyintai mereka yang kita cintai
Tetapi sekiranya kita cinta kepada Allah
Kita akan turut menyintai mereka yang melabuhkan cintanya kepada Allah juga

Ya Allah
Seandainya dia adalah jodoh yang ditetapkan olehMu kepadaku
Maka lahirkanlah ke dalam hatiku
Cinta kepadanya adalah keranaMu
Dan lahirkanlah ke dalam hatinya
Cinta kepadaku adalah keranaMu

Seandainya die bukan jodoh yang ditetapkan olehMu kepadaku
Berikanlah ku kekuatan agar pasrah
Dalam mengharungi ujian
Yang Kau beri kepadaku

Ya Allah, jika aku jatuh cinta, cintakanlah aku pada seseorang yang melabuhkan cintanya kepadaMu, agar bertambah kekuatanku untuk menyintaiMu

Ya Muhaimin, jika aku jatuh cinta, jagalah cintaku padanya agar tidak melebihi cintaku kepadaMu 

Ya Rabbana, jika aku jatuh hati, jagalah hatiku padanya agar tidak berpaling padaMu 

Ya Rabbul Izzati, jika aku rindu, rindukanlah aku pada seseorang yang merindu syahid dijalanMu..
Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin..

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 Hello.Peace be upon you.I can honestly say that I miss the feeling of being so close to Allah. I know that statement is somewhat wrong, because He is always with us every step of our lives if we let Him be with us.Sometimes you feel so far from Allah eventhough He is right there beside you if you need Him. But we often forget about Him. I often forget about Him.Ya Allah please forgive me. Please.And right now, I am trying to bring mine back up slowly.Step by step even just now i am not wearing for hijab/tudung yet.But i really hope one day,im being a Muslimah girl with hijab.Again,pray for me:) Thank you Allah for constantly bringing me back to You.

There,I just have less than one/half months to prepare for this final examination and get ready for being awesome Spm Candidate 2013.Whoaa,honestly I not ready yet,even for 20%.hee :D Yayayaya,I just playing around and I just feel nothing to worry now bcause I think that Spm will be Super longtime.Haha,but the fact?Time flies so fast is it?Whatever happens just pray for me.hihi.Next,I supposed to write about him.Lately,we always having fight together is it?And I always hurting you and not control my emotional.B,I feel sorry for being annoying to you.Im sorry.But please believe me,im happy with you.Dear b,ilysm.Thanks be mine and thanks for everything.Next,about my friends Juen and ieka.Again i've thanked to both of you bcause be my friends just now.Even we always thinks and remind 'how our friendship will longlasting and never ends'.You know what,I just loves both of you like my own family.Even I know both of you just miss your all old bestfriends,Ana and Aten and miss you all friendship without me cause I know I am new in your group is it?Yeah,Im accept it and I always support your friendship together.Nothing to be jealous loll.I know we all miss Aten,but whatelse can we do?Hmm,just forget about it and hope our problems will settled one day.Oh yaa!I just want to wish for my little sister for UPSR examination tomorrow.And those all UPSR candidates,'Do the Best' and goodluck.Pray for them<3 .Got to go now.Assalamualaikum.

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sempurnanya sifatMU
tulusnya hatiMU
jujurnya niatMU
tingginya kesabaranMU

Aku tak mampu menanggung sebuah cinta sempurna dariMU

i love you. you are so perfect. you are greatest of all. i love you with all my heart and soul. you are the only one, you are indescribable. i love you so much, and longing to see you. i want to die with your blessings. i want to live with your love. i dont want to make you mad. you are the eternal love. everyone is worshiping you day and night. i just want to live under your love eternally, even after i die.


i love you. i love you. i love you. i love so much.


U are sooooo perfect. Thank you ALLAH, because u love me, and i know that you know how much i love you too. yes, i love you.

maha suci ALLAH yang mengurniakan rasa cinta. raja bagi segala cinta. jika dikumpulkan kesemua cinta makhluk di dunia ini, tidak sampai 1% pun daripada cinta dari Allah.

semoga beroleh cinta Allah, di dunia, dan juga di sana nanti.

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Hello di sana.Assalamualaikum,
Sekarang makin kerap ek surf internet ni.Hihi.Ya,im accpt it.Kblakangan ni after Hari Raya malam2 je mana bukak buku.Then kat sekolah tidur.Haha.Mcm dah habis sekolah aku buat ek.Lantak lah kan.Kalau dah takda mood tak kan nak paksa belajar kan.hihi.Di sana,aku tengah sentap.Sentap sesangat sbb duit aku masih belum cukup nak beli bb -.- Kenapa la ayah aku tak nak support kan.Sedihhh,Kalau buku,tuisyen beribu2 pun takpa.Nak watcano kan murid2 mcm ni la.Umur tak sesuai nak guna hp lagi.Haha.K takpa,aku akan cari duit selagi aku mampu ok :) Di sana,aku ingat raya dah habis ek ..Rupanya this week and next week penuh openhouse yang aku harus hadir.Aduhhhhhhh,hancur plan diet aku mcm ni.Hahahhahaha/.Sengetttttt.Di sana,Aku gaduh dgn dia tdi.Act gaduh biasa but aku amik serious.Mmg aku yang salahkan ..orang ajak bergurau,aku je yg terlebih emotional.Dear you,im sorry.Leeya minta maaf.Tak ada niat nk ckp mcm tu,kasar2 or what dgn awk.hmm,Maaf takdpt nk jage perasaan awk.B,tadi aku nangis.nangis pasal kau.hmm.aku syg kau..syg sangattttt.b,Im just an ordinary girl and unperfect girl.Im sorry if i just being annoying to you.Aku sayang kau,sengallll.Only you.Thanks be mine.And  I hope so it never ends.I love you Mr.A ! ILOVEYOU ! Acano den nak prove kn kt ekau ni eh..One day ok.Be'll waiting for our wonderful meet about 3 Months more.Jaga diri di sana.Loveya !

Gemok.tembamnye pipi aku dah :(

Gemok gedik

Gemok gedik

Aku teringat gambar ni.last year tak silap.haha :DD

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Hello there.Assalamualaikum.Today mmg hari celaka aku.No,its sokay.
Firstly aku rasa raya ni dah nak habis.Bukan nak habis but mmg dah habis kan.Hurmm,how fast time flies?Bencinya nak pergi sekolah belajar utk final tapi apa boleh buat kan.Lumrah kehidupan mcm ni,kena lalui semuanya.Mampu merancang,Dia yang menentukan is it? Then,nak ambil kesempatan wish dekat semua batch 95's do the best in this trial ya Spm Candidate for this year.Terutamanya too all my cousins,auntie,friends and semua laa.Goodluck guys!Untung lah kan this year last sekolah.Aku tahun depan ada lagi.Haissssshhhh.Guys,Aku suka lagu 'Tuhan Tolong aku" by IamNeeta.Yaa,mmg ketinggalan sikit abb baru dgar.Hehe.Maksud dia mendalm and jalan cerita yang sama dengan life ak.So,i would like to make this song as my background music dekat blog ni .Njoy it ;D

Oppss! Lupa something.Aku nak wish 'Happy Birthday ' dekat satu-2 nya abang aku dalam dunia ni.Bro,Kau dah tua and next year dah 20years pun kan.Nak kahwin dah.kakak harap kau berjaya dlm kerjaya dgn life kau.Aku sayang kau abang,.Muhammad Naufeil, 2September1993

This is mybro ;

Dear,Im happy just noww..Aku harap kebahagiaan aku sekarang ni kekal selamanya dan Allah tak tarik aku atau dia.Aku sayang dia.Hopefully our relationship just be fine forever and ever sayang.I do loves you sayang..Mr A ;D

People i would like to share 'Tuhan tolong aku" and some pictures.So,enjoy it.hehe :)
Hancur segala kisah hidupku
Menjadi mimipi-mimpi yang terindah
Walau hati kecil ku menjerit
Tak mungkin mimpi menjadi milikku
Tuhan tolong aku
Carikan penyeri untuk dalam hidupku
Ku perlu dia ingin jadi milikku
Menjaga hatinya wo oh oh
Bukan namun aku
Yang telah terjadi luar kuasa tanganku
Bawalah aku dengan satu persatu
Mencari hatinya
Hilang segala ruang hidupku
Menjadi warna-warna yang terpendam
Walau hati kecil ku menjeri
Tak mungkin mimpi menjadi milikku
[Ulang Chorus]
Andainya aku bisa terbang
Melebarkan sayap ke sana
Kan terbang hingga kejauhan
Merentasi garis dunia hoo ohh
[Ulang Chorus]
Tuhan tolong aku
Tuhan tolong aku
Tuhan tolong aku
Tuhan tolong aku

Emm,Sedap okay .Ibu dgn yaa buat Ayam Rendang ;D

Make by myself.Meehun

My lil sis Nur Anniesa

Ayah dgn abang tgah buat air ok :)

My lil sis.Poyo nak tunjuk kereta odyssey ayah

Suasana dlm rumah ;D

Tepi sekali kiri moyang beraya dkt rumah yaa

Orang dtg rayaa rumah

Bestfriend dtg rumah.Kiri juen kanan ieka

My gang ;D

Aliya dtg rumah jugak .ika tgah online free dkt rumah yaa. ;D

Member dtg open housee ;D

Open house rumah ieka juen,aizat and me

Dlm rumah yaa.Raya dtg rumah
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Holla there.
I miss to create something but i dont have any ideas to share :)
Its sokay.Maybe boleh share photo ek.Dear,pray for my physics pre test next weeks yaa.Tak study lagi ;D

Bru bgun tidur k.Hehe

Hari tu tangkp gmbr ni dkt rumah juen,kiri ika

Haha,Tembam kan? Sama je mcm skrg.Jyeahh ;D

Rindu suasana raya waktu kecik2 ;(

Comel takkk?

Dgn ibu ayah .Yg laki tu abg.hahaha.lawak2

Ni ibu ayah waktu kahwin ;S

Sweet kan2?

Teringat waktu form2 ni . Dari Kanan nurin,zaty.

Ni dgn adik last .Yg kanan tu saya ;D

Gambar ni sexyy ekkk.

Buat muka sengalllllll

Lastly ,aku rindu gigi besi aku ;(

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