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Monday, December 31, 2012 | 4:49 PM | 0 comments
Hello people.Assalamualaikum.Long time not updating something in this site.Hewhew.Im busyyyyyy withhh study?Oh no no no ! Triple noo!hehek.Actually im not super busy this school holiday but there nothing to share and creating.Btww,Finally i'll become a Seventeen Gurlzzz.Aha,yukss.There is one day more that the year 2013 will start its operation by leaving 2012 aside. How Fast Time flies!Boooooooooooo.So i will faced Esshhhpiyemmmm(SPM) this year..Woo,Wtf =.=  .Sometime its sound great!Bcause i'll be free and freedom from activity in school as Student!But sometime its sound fear +.+ Do I ready perfectly?Do I believe myself that I can do it for my future..OH nooo.Im not ready yet.hehe,Until when i'll give this same bad statement ;IM NOT READY YET.huhu,There have been lots of things happened in my life during the year 2012 and i have more bad luck than good luck.Aha.such as bad results,problems with friends and more sucks thing happened!So I think the year 2013 will bring me success,happiness and create beautiful memories as a school students k. Let’s forget what make us upset in 2012 and count what make us happy. However, let’s consider these unhappy and bad things in 2012 as lesson for our life.Cehh ;) 2013 is at the door and im too grateful cause i still alive till today.Just remember life is short.Dont break the rules,Forgive quickly,laugh and enjoy uncontrollably and never regret anything that make us smile.So maybe for this year i will rarely updating in this blog,i will rarely log in my fb,tagged accounts.This year is a struggle! Pray for me,SPM Candidates 2013 sucess with superduper results ya.Juen and ieka i hope our friendship will never ends even this is a last years for us.I hope we will sucess together friends,I love youu.Him him him,yeahh i goodluck too ya.Belajar rajin jgn lupa nasihat saya.hekhok.Ok la ,i think we've stop here.Panjang umur,kita jumpa lagi.Assalamualaikum :)

I wish everyone a happy new year!May all your wishes come true the year ahead. :)

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Hello.My name Nur Aleia.Im seventeen years.Stay Seremban,Negeri Sembilan :)

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